About Me

Texas based web developer

Location - Texas

I had a short career in Civil Engineering before I decided to take a step back to reevaluate my life goals. I took some time to volunteer with nonprofits, substitute for my public school district, become a support group leader and start a small art business. Through each option, there was a connecting factor. The importance of software development. I saw gaps that could be filled with the right software application.

I got tired of saying, "if only someone would build..." Why wait for someone else to build it? I could do that, I just needed to learn how. So I started learning on my own but soon realized that I needed some guidance. With so much out there, I didn't know what I should concentrate on. I enrolled and completed the UT Austin Full Stack Web Development program and am ready to start my journey as a junior web developer.

Other things about me. I enjoy to draw and have a small art business Doodlejutsu. Along with my mental health advocacy I run a blog called I'll Get There where I write honestly about living with mental illness.

Link to resume